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Music Video WO+MAN


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Latest album

Obsidian // Silk

1. Aphrodite 0:46
2. Tentacles 4:45
3. Consensual 3:45
4. Snow 2:57
5. Darkside 3:54
6. Artemis 1:17
7. You Took it All 3:01
8. For Good 3:45
9. Blindfolded 4:02
10. About a Boy 3:05


Amsterdam-based Reinier van Harten is a multimedia artist specialising in music and theatre, creating performances under the monicker REINDIER.

His melancholic vocals, experimental instruments and confronting lyrics are timeless, yet modern. In his ability to form conceptual narratives inspired by things he collects and curates from the inside and outside world, REINDIER sets himself apart as an artist that goes beyond the borders of music, theatre, dance and more.

Latest project


What will be left of mother earth if we don’t change the track humanity finds itself on?
Our society is built on an economy addicted to exponential growth at all costs, an attitude illustrative of the cracks in our spiritual foundation.

REINDIER: ‘I feel like we, as humanity, are in deep debt with mother earth, which we will have to pay for with an irrevocable collective guilt’. The track sketches a dystopian world in which mother earth addresses us through her song, with the planet slowly becoming snowed under. No flower will bloom, no bird will sing, and humans slowly disappear in her icy landscape. ‘Soon there will be no more pain’: mother earth will start again, but will first clean up the mess humanity left behind. This is a song cloaked in weeping sadness, but it also contains hope. ‘I really believe that we as a collective human family can and must review our ways of living, so we can exist in harmony with nature and mother earth as a whole.’ The Anthropocene has commenced, but so has the consciousness of this fact.

A sad protest song, ‘Snow’ offers a delicate and gentle yet serious and urgent message: one that stands in a bigger context of being out of harmony with the true essence of things. This being out of harmony is a topic that is tackled in different contexts within the full album, touching on topics such as feminine and masculine energy, sexual identity, the digital/technological versus the organic/natural, dark versus light energy.


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